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Current Patch Progress:

SD Gundam X:99%

SD Gundam GNext: 45%

Always patch over an original rom image, NEVER patch a patched rom

SD Gundam GNext Patches

Version 0.8 (Most weapons translated)
Version 0.4 (Unit names mostly translated plus a few weapons)

SD Gundam X Patches

Version 1.51 (Minor correction on one of the names - Thanks go to Phillip Yee of for his help)
Version 1.5 (Weapons fully translated, nice font - Current Version)
Version 1.0 (Menus only, ugly font)

Patching Tools:
SNESTool, one of the best ROM utilities out there, my personal favorite
IPS.exe, a nice quick utility that gets the job done, no GUI but effective

I will not provide the ROM image, you must find that on your own, I recommend pe2000 or edgeemu, they both have it