SD Gundam X Translation

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Current Patch Progress:

SD Gundam X:99%

SD Gundam GNext:45%

Current News as of: 8-28-2001

I've finally managed to find some time to work on the GNext translation and I've got the vast majority of the weapon names translated, only missing a few wierd ones which I probably won't work on until I get home (I'm on vacation at the moment, that's how I found some free time) so, um, yeah.. have fun

Current News as of: 7-17-2001

As you can see I've started work on SD Gundam GNext now that it's playable on the latest version of zsnes. I've got an initial patch that I can release now. It has the vast majority of the unit names translated as well as a few of the weapons. If anyone can help me with the kanji on a lot of these weapon names this'll go a lot faster

Current News as of: 6-28-2001

I've completed the weapons translations and I redid the fonts so they look nicer and are easier to read.

The complete patch is going up later tonight when I'm satisfied with it (well even if I'm not it's going up tonight)

I have some screenshots to tease you with.. have a look.


Current News as of: 6-27-2001

I've successfully hacked the SDGX's weapons text and am in the process of translating the various weapons. If anyone has already made a list (full or partial) of the weapons each mobile suit and mobile armor possesses I would very VERY much appreciate it if you could let me see it. As it is now, the longest part is trying out each and every mobile suit in order to document any unique weapons it has (this is especially a pain for suits that possess unique weapons like the Gundam Hammer and the Heat Hawk on the Gundam and Zaku respectively). Either way I'd expect to be done pretty soon, figure a week or two max (sooner if I get a list ;)) - Serin9X

Current News as of: 6-26-2001

I re-uploaded the patch in a zip file with some instructions on installing it as some people reported the file being corrupt, hopefully this'll solve it

Current News as of: 6-25-2001

The menus are now fully translated and I'm currently working on the weapon names and captions

BTW, yes... this page is crappy. I threw it together in about 5 minutes.. Eventually I'll fix it up so it looks like something that should actually BE on the 'net :)